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About Us

Stitched with Love

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Angelene's was founded in 2021 by Erin Murphy with the goal of making her passion a career while sharing the joys of artistic expression, craftsmanship, and interpersonal connection with Monroe, NC and beyond. Since opening, we've provided storefront space for over a dozen vendors, served more customers than we can count, and even started passing these valuable skills on to the young people of our community.


Angelene's wouldn't be anything without our crafters! Coming soon: you'll be able to visit the Meet Our Crafters page to read more about those lovely people!

"Who is Angelene", you might ask? Well, let me tell you!

Edith Angelene “Angie” Allen was born in 1928 and was one of EIGHT children! She grew up on a farm and she learned to sew, crochet, and quilt. Clothes were not only scarce but beyond their means, so sewing was an essential skill. She even made her own patterns and used flour sacks to make clothes! She passed on her love for these incredible skills through the generations until her passing in 2018. The store owner, Erin Murphy, decided to open this store in her honor and pass those skills even further. Erin’s Aunt Allene makes impeccable doll clothes and her mother, Ginny, makes a wide range of stuffed animals, pillow cases, doll clothes and more! Erin's sister makes bags, bibs, hats, and doggy accessories. Erin specializes in her unique reversible aprons as well as bags, headbands, you name it!

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